photo: Joanna Pianka

“The Airsight Deck acts as a time machine allowing us to better understand our relationship with the environment. ”

Airsight Deck is an interactive installation that draws attention to otherwise ignored changes in the environment. The twelve scenarios reveal at the same time what the Prague skyline looks like during different seasons, atmospheric anomalies or aerial phenomena. What is the colour shade of the air we breathe in winter, during the summer heat, inversion or smog?

Human activities and our lifestyles have transformed the air we breathe and share with other life forms into a mix of waste substances that are gradually changing global ecosystems. These processes, which are otherwise hidden from our perception, are made tangible by Airsight Deck. It presents twelve different scenarios that highlight different levels of air pollution throughout the year. Airborne dusts, as the author team calls the dust particles in the air, has the ability to visually affect the air we breathe. This specific attribute of Airborne dusts is used in the installation Airsight Deck to show twelve airly scenarios of Prague City over the course of the year.

The symbolism of the number twelve refers to time as a metaphor for understanding the installation as a time machine, but also to a scientific fact: the concentration and types of airborne dusts change not only during the year, but also at different times of the day. Therefore, looking at the Prague skyline through twelve scenarios attune and train our senses to better perceive the environment we dwell in.

The project is a collaboration of Adam Hudec, Joanna Pianka, Duha Samir, Dusts Institute, Props Art and Landscape Festival.