Inflatable structure from biodegradable plastic film, nano fabric filter Respilon, edition 2nd., 2021

3.1 x 3.1 x 3.1m

Dusts-free-Chambers is a pop-up intervetion on public space aiming to build comprehensive awareness about our relationship to the broader environment. This outdoor interactive installation translates data about air pollution into an interactive bodily experience between the observer and the environment.

Dusts-free-Chambers are air filtration machines. Every molecule of air inside these devices is processed through hi-tech nano filters that catch all invisible particles, known as airborne dusts. The volume of each Chamber equates to the number of liters of air that a human body processes within one day. Air inside is exchanged every 21 seconds leaving the indoor setting free of airborne dusts, pollen, scents and viruses. Guided meditation inside the devices aim to attune our senses and shift our awareness of the air we breathe.

“Personal experience with dusts-free-environment navigate our attention to the processes of invisible interaction between humans, dust and the environment.”

Simple imagination exercises accompanied with breathing techniques decongest the nostrils of the visitors and allow the uplift of sensorial perception of the individual. Soft surfaces of the instrument invite the visitor to get comfortable and enjoy the unique audio-sensual experience of Dusts-free-Chamber. After the meditation, one could feel the difference in sensorial perception between the air within the Chamber and the casual; outdoor environment.

LINKS: Dusts-free-Chambers Video
COLLABORATION: Hong Kong Clean Air Network, Dusts Institute (Duha Samir and Tomas Tichomirov), Schultes Wien (Ursula Klein), Respilon NanoFibers, Natural Sciences and Technogies in Arts Institute at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics Division Environmental and Process Analytics Enviromental Analytics Vienna University of Technology