site specific installation, printed microscopic images of Biopatina on canvas, metal frames, 2022

14.2 x 3.2m

Contrary to contemporary discourse that perceives naturally occurring stains on building’s surfaces as undesirable, this installation attempts to support rather than suppress organic growth on the outer sking of architectures. This project emphasizes that Biopatina and the surface it inhabits must be described and treated as separable organisms. And this is also why the project is built in a way to bring Biopatina right up close to their environment where they thrive - on the walls of Vltavska.

A nightmare transformed into a dream, just like the constantly forming, unwanted and suppressed layer of Biopatina on the staircase of Vltavská...


The project expands from the Vltavská site and imagines the adjacent Prague highway as a habitat for Biopatina, using the dewy surface of the roadwork to eliminate its negative impacts on the local ecosystem. The provocative idea of transforming the otherwise passive surfaces of the highway into active ones becomes a provocation in the form of a utopia - the transformation of an infra-structural work into a meta-structural one.